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Slow Down

We're pleased to welcome you to the web site of the Griffeen Glen Residents Association.

For anyone not aware, Griffeen Glen is an estate in Lucan, Co. Dublin, Ireland (check out the Maps section for more information if you're interested).

This site has been set up for the residents of Griffeen Glen to provide a source of information about the local community, the Residents Association, events, meetings, news and so on. We hope you find something useful here.

Griffeen Glen Residents Association 2020

The Griffeen Glen Residents Association Annual General Meeting is postponed at present but will be announced when planned.

Members who attend the meeting will have the opportunity to ask any questions of the Committee or raise and discuss any issues of concern.


Neighbourhood Watch

A vigilant estate is a safer estate. ALWAYS report any suspicious activity, no matter what, to the Gardai.




More news to come soon.

Strategic Zone Development Website


Fire Safety Reminder


Now is a good time to remind all residents, renters and homeowners alike, about the need to ensure that you have at least TWO working smoke alarms in your home, ideally placed at the bottom and at the top of the stairs. And test them weekly!
Woodies sell single smoke alarms from €10.99 and twin packs from €19.99


Woodies sell a dry powder fire extinguisher for €17.99 which is suitable for use on most fires including an electrical equipment fire.
It's a small price to pay, and hopefully you'll never need to use one. But having one along with working smoke alarms, will give you some peace of mind that are is some way prepared if you have an emergency.


Look up the website below for helpful information on fire safety in the home.
It contains useful tips we all need to be reminded of :



Each halloween be vigilant of any bonfire materials being collected/hoarded and inform the council so they can remove/dispose of it.


Contact us at info@griffeenglen.org or see committee list